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Understanding Optovue Technology in Your Eye Exam

When you go to your next eye exam in Loves Park, IL, you may find yourself dealing with more than just an eye chart across the room. Our optometrist is now utilizing Optovue technology, a specialized tool capable of creating detailed images of the internal structures of a patient’s eyes. With the help of advanced computer technology and microscopic image capture, our Optovue tools use both OCT and OCTA imaging, allowing us to diagnose potential illness that much sooner.


OCT Imaging

OCT imaging allows an optometrist to obtain a detailed picture of the eye structure in total. This includes the front of the eye as well as the anterior portion inside the eye socket. With this tool, an eye doctor can look for and flag issues for eye health as well as symptoms caused by other body conditions that show up in the eye. 

OCTA Imaging

When it comes to a deeper, more extensive analysis of the retina, OCTA imaging examines and highlights the blood vessels of the eye. Without this technology, the eye would have to be pre-treated with a dye that then highlights the blood vessels so their path and health can be examined. OCTA allows an eye doctors to obtain the same observation for analysis without the lengthy treatment process and effect on the patient. It’s more convenient for the patient, far more effective and accurate for the optometrist, and produces better data overall.

Local Optovue Technology is Available

At Donald Wight OD in Loves Park, IL, we utilize Optovue Technology to provide our patients with a far more advanced eye exam and related results during preventative screenings and eye condition evaluations. Because of the detail provided by this technology, our office is also able to look for and screen for symptoms and issues that may get missed elsewhere. Give us a call today to schedule your next eye appointment. 

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