Polarized Glasses

Polarized glasses are specialized eyewear tailored to reduce glare from various surfaces like snow, water, and glass. Glare alters the authentic color of objects. Polarized glasses are beneficial for some activities like swimming, driving, and help with viewing things clearly to avert potential disasters.

Polarized glasses are an excellent option for people who spend their time outdoors. If you are working outdoors, especially if you participate in high-glare activities around water or snow, polarized lenses suppress glare and provide additional clarity as they safeguard your eyes. If you live in or around Loves Park and are considering polarized glasses, Dr. Wight and our staff at Wight Eye Care will help you find the perfect pair.


How Polarized Lenses Work

Polarized lenses function by averting light glare from striking the wearer directly in the eyes. Vision transpires when your eye perceives light rays that reflect off an object. Typically, that light is dispersed before it enters your eye.

The light bounces off several angles due to the object's irregular surface. By coating the polarized lenses with a distinct chemical, they barricade part of that light as it passes through them. It performs the work of a filtering agent on the reflected light striking your eyes.

The polarized glass filter is vertical; therefore, only some parts of the light are allowed to pass through. The light glare is horizontal, thus the polarized lenses block the light and only allow vertical light to pass through. When the horizontal light gets blocked by the polarized glass, this helps greatly reduce the glare from striking your eyes directly.

The Benefits of Polarized Glasses

  • Clear vision, especially where a brighter light is involved
  • This leads to increased contrast and minimal color distortion
  • Helps in reducing glare and reflection
  • Alleviates eye strain

Contact Our Optometrist in Loves Park for Polarized Glasses

Polarized glasses are designed to reduce glare caused by various sources of light. Lenses have been polarized to ease working on computers, engaging in sports, and spending time outdoors in the sun. At Wight Eye Care in Loves Park, IL, we provide a wide array of quality eyewear, including polarized glasses. If you are interested in polarized lenses or would like to schedule an eye exam with Dr. Wight, contact Wight Eye Care. Call our team today at 815-708-7083 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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