Wright Eye Care in Loves Park, IL is pleased to offer BlephEx, a gentle, periodic treatment for your eyelids that uses a rotating medical-grade microsponge to clean where your regular facial routine cannot. Much like dental cleaning, BlephEx removes stubborn layers of bacterial biofilm that have accumulated over time. By removing bacteria, dandruff-like scurf, and other material clogging pores and blocking your eyelids' natural cleaning process, we can help you avoid red eye, itchiness, irritation from eyelid build-up, and help your tear ducts avoid infection and damage. The treatment also helps with dry eye, improving eye comfort especially for daily contact lens wearers.

Maintaining Eyelid Health

In the hands of a practitioner or trained technician, the BlephEx device carefully loosens even the deepest deposits of bacterial film and other contaminants and blockages that build up over time. It uses a special disposable microsponge that rotates to scrub and loosen irritants in a precise manner. After treatment with the device, the eye is carefully rinsed to remove the deposits, leaving the eyelid fresh.

BlephEx Procedure

Patients report that BlephEx feels like a slight tickle on the eyelid. For those who find that at all bothersome, light numbing treatment can be applied. The procedure takes between six and eight minutes overall. Following BlephEx treatment, you will feel relief from red eye, itchiness, and irritation.

Eye Cleaning Alternatives

Home eye care routines are limited in how deeply they can clean your eyelids. Doctors generally treat conditions that arise from blockages and infections of the eyelid and surrounding area as they become problematic. Treatment that helps with dry eye usually involves adding drops rather than cleaning. Periodic BlephEx procedures provide an opportunity to keep eyelid areas clean and unobstructed, resolving itchiness and irritation by addressing the cause of eye irritation rather than the symptoms.

Frequency of Care

Treatments are generally scheduled every 4 to 6 months, though an emergency BlephEx treatment can be scheduled. Facial cleaning routines don't properly address the bacterial film accumulation that BlephEx removes.

Optometrist in Loves Park, IL

If you are looking for relief from red eye, itchiness, and irritation, schedule a BlephEx treatment at Wright Eye Care. BlephEx also helps with dry eye. As a leading optometrist in the Loves Park, IL area, Dr. Wight welcomes patients for active eye care including annual eye exams, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions, and emergency eye care. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (815) 957-4705.

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