Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is a frustrating thing to have to deal with, especially as you get older. To correct blurry vision, one must first determine the cause of the blurriness. Our optometrist at Wight Eye Care provides thorough eye examinations to detect eye health issues and treat them. If you live in or around Loves Park and have noticed a reduction in your vision, contact our team to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wight.

Blurry Vision

Common Causes of Blurry Vision

Blurry vision has a variety of different causes, some of which may occur over a long period of time, while others, such as an eye injury, may result in blurriness immediately. Blurry vision can vary in severity, whereas some cases can be addressed with at-home solutions, while other issues require professional care to treat the condition. Some of the common causes that we see at Wight Eye Care include the following:

Dry Eyes

Having dry eyes can make your vision more blurry. A simple solution for this problem is to use artificial tears. Unfortunately, some cases of dry eyes are more severe than others, such as those who experience chronic dry eyes. A prescribed medication may be needed to treat chronic dry eyes.


Anyone that suffers from migraines can tell you that one of the first signs that a migraine is about to strike is that their vision becomes blurry. This is a temporary affliction and will wear off after the migraine has passed.


One cause for blurry vision is astigmatism. The cause of astigmatism is not currently known, although genetics plays a part in it and there are multiple ways it can manifest. It can manifest through a misshapen cornea, called corneal astigmatism, as well as through a misshapen lens, called lenticular astigmatism. Astigmatisms often manifest early in age, although the symptoms are not recognized until later in life. Astigmatism can be treated in various ways, including through the use of corrective lenses or refractive surgery.

Eye Injuries

A sudden case of blurred vision is often the result of suffering some kind of physical trauma. For instance, if a retina were to become detached, that would almost certainly cause blurred vision. Contact Wight Eye Care if you have recently received an eye injury.

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Eye exams are an essential part of monitoring and maintaining your vision. If it has been a while since your last eye exam and you live in or around Loves Park, call our optometrist at Wight Eye Care today at 815-708-7083 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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